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5 Apr 2021

Agile is dead!


The premise is perhaps too dramatic and maybe a little click-catcher, but I think there is juice. Today when we talk about Agile everyone wants to have their say, everyone wants to apply their method with their thousand variations derived from their own experience. This leads me to ask myself some fundamental questions:

What I miss

  1. Can a methodology determine success or failure, or only responsible for wasted resources?
  2. Why the fundamental concepts of Agile are not patterns that can be incorporated into any other methodology?
  3. Why we talk so much about frameworks, but then we never wanted to create tools with interfaces that can be connected with any method and organization of work?
  4. How can I dismantle my belief that Agile is something that cannot be easily transferred from one experience to another?
  5. Is it something that only those who have the vision to fully realize can do?

My vision

I do not want to answer these questions, because I believe that I am not able but I would like to make a provocation:

Is it true that Agile works only if the Team is intrinsically predisposed to this methodology?

In other words, it is true that Agile is what is native and innate is a sort of collective gift and not a methodology. Kind of like a genetic trait or an innate ability.

In a certain sense, many things in the business world are, for example Leadership, Charisma, a certain intuition for business.

What I want to introduce here is the concept of intrinsic characteristic of a team as opposed to that of a single individual.

At this point I want to return to the title of the article. I think Agile is dead to the extent that you think of it as a discipline, to be taught. Instead it should be considered as a psychophysical characteristic to be trained and always kept ready for each new project.


This is my humble point of view, but the question could have concrete implications, for example in demonizing certain extremes derived from monsters such as the Agile of Agile of Agile, or Frankenstein Manster people that are at same time Scrum Master, Product Owner and any 1000 micro-roles invented by the expert on duty.

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